Helping your entire church to be competent caregivers & disciple-makers for the LGBT & same-sex attracted people among you

We do this through:


Sunday morning services, weekend seminars, youth groups, campus ministry, etc... Training, Testimonial, & Q&A are all part of how we help give insight into the issue of sexuality in general & homosexuality in particular. More importantly, you'll see how your church can build trust with & reach the LGBT community in your city, and disciple those already among you.  

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Soul Care

Through pastoral counseling and care, individuals are given a safe place to sort through their values, doubts, hesitations, and hurts (away from the culture wars) in order to come to a place of faith, confidence, wholeness, & rest with their sexuality or gender identity.  We are able to offer care both in person and online.

(Walls Down does NOT engage in reparative or conversion therapy)

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Support Groups

Parents and family members can be at a loss for what to say to their loved one when they come out of the closet.  These groups give Christian parents and family members a safe place to discuss their anger, grief, & confusion so that they can have healthy & positive relational connection with their LGBT loved one. 

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We want the LGBT community to know that God is for their good and so is His Church.  We strive to help conservative churches be Jesus to the gay community by helping take care of the most vulnerable in their community: those with HIV/AIDS, homeless LGBT youth, & those that are being bullied & ostracized in their schools and communities.

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"The God that I had thought declared war against me,
actually came and washed my feet.  "

Ty Wyss - Founder