Guiding Families

Guiding Families

Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones is powerfully transforming parent and pastor engagement of LGBT+ loved ones in as little as 30 minutes. This 30-page, magazine-style guide is used as part of our parent support group & is the single best resource for families and pastors.

Parents of Gay Children Support Group

Ty, founder of Walls Down Ministry, sits with his parents as they describe what it was like when he came out of the closet as a teenager. His parents share their honest, initial reactions to the news and how God helped them to respond in a way that honored Jesus Christ and respected their son.

Interested in being part of the next group? Send a message via the contact form below. The goal for this group is to support parents (and family members!) who have children (regardless of age) who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). Below are just some of the topics that are covered. 

  • Is this my fault?
  • He wants to bring his boyfriend home, I'm not sure what to do!
  • My child refuses to talk to me. How can I engage her?
  • I raised my kid in church! How can he think this is ok?
  • I can't tell anyone at our church....what would they think?
  • How can I love my son/daughter while still holding on to what the Bible says is true?

From Parents.....

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"I realized, as I had met with other parents dealing with the same issue, how much I was still carrying around. I so appreciated the relevance of having someone like Ty, who brings a true perspective and real life experience to shed light and direction to my troubled heart and mind. I really appreciated the opportunity to soundboard my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs (whether controversial sounding or not) to Ty and those in the group and being received with kindness, validation, consideration, respect, and sincere ears. It was here that I was able to finally admit to my own anger; my anger at my son's rejection of my beliefs and our relationship. It was here that I was able to ask the hard questions and to have my concerns addressed and confirmed." 
          - Father of gay son

We have wept, laughed, and most important of all, grown spiritually the last 4 months after being at your support group. You have helped us see that no matter how difficult our circumstances, our goal is always to be open to His grace and filling in our lives, and pass that on to others, especially our children, while holding fast to His Word. That is a hard balancing act, and probably works itself out differently in each of our situations." 
         - Mother of lesbian daughter

"The support group Ty has formed has been a tremendous help in communicating with my son. It was hard for me to accept his lifestyle at first, but with Ty's help and support it has gotten easier. Talking with other parents and families has helped as well. We are all in different places with our feelings, acceptance and support and being able to talk openly and freely has been a great help." 
       - Mother of gay son

"Ty, you helped us work through our feelings that we had done something wrong. The whole group helped us by giving us a place to openly be able to talk about the pain we were going through. The group not only listened but also gave us their thoughts. We found out we were not alone and having support when our family was falling apart gave us hope to keep going. Ty, when you stopped the second session when my husband was sharing his deepest angry feelings and you prayed for our son and us, it touched both of us deeply. Others gathered around us and started sharing their own stories and pain. Never has anyone stopped a meeting to zero in on just one person right then, right there. You didn't even know us but you seemed to know the kind of pain we were experiencing. 
       - Parents of gay son

"I'm not sure I can properly put into words what Ty's ministry has meant to me in my life. I was truly at the end of my rope. Our daughter was living this life, our son embraced it, and my husband was able to push his feelings aside through work. I was heartbroken and alone in my shame and depression over an issue I felt too embarrassed to share at church, and unwelcome to share with the politically correct public.  I was able to be part of a support group led by Ty. It helped me gain new courage and insights, allowing me to continue to serve my Lord and love my child at the same time, just as Jesus wanted all along. I will be forever grateful."
      - Mother of lesbian daughter