Set Free - My Story of Redemption

Ty has been telling his story in churches since 2006. Despite the fact that this type of testimony isn't often heard in churches or society in general, the Holy Spirit never fails to communicate the deeper truth of this story - that homosexuality is just another manifestation of a fallen nature. This testimony of God's faithfulness and pursuit of someone who wasn't even looking for him is an incredible encouragement and declaration that God has not forgotten the gay community and is passionately pursuing, drawing, and reaching out to anyone who would say "yes" to his call. This session is devoted to Ty's story of why he believed that he had been "born that way" and the things in his childhood that pointed him down a path of accepting a gay identity. Ty shares how God was (and is) faithful in the fire and the trial of saying no to sin and yes to God and how he lives in the freedom that was purchased through Christ. Hearers of this message will come away with a better understanding of how to deal with their daily habits and hang-ups that so often trip them up. Ty also shares how he met his wife, Rachel, bringing about a healthy relationship that honors God.

Navigating Culture

With homosexuality being one of the biggest controversies in our culture today, Christians must be able to give an answer -and not just a truthful answer but also one that is also filled with grace. Grace and Truth, the balance on this topic is extremely important. Nearly everyone has a gay or lesbian friend, co-worker, or child in their lives and most want to reach them effectively for Jesus Christ. So how do we do that in a way that is biblically truthful yet grace centered and compassionate? In this session, Ty gives his thoughts about how the church can reach out to the LGBT community, be effective in conversation, & touch the hearts of those that were made to love their Creator. 

Identity - The Search For Who We Are

Of all the topics Ty is passionate about, that of Identity is probably his favorite. Identity is something Ty has wrestled with personally in many different areas. Everyone is searching to find out who they really are. We often hear phrases like "I need to be true to myself" or "That's just who I am" - these are statements of identity. Thankfully, God tells us who we are - Sons and Daughters made in His image. Living primarily from any identity will ultimately produce the fruit of it - good or bad. Just in the area of sexuality there's LGBTQIA, Ex-gay, Ex-ex-gay, Post-gay, straight...The world is filled with labels! In this session Ty addresses how he lives out the identity of a son of God - living free, pursuing truth, and reflecting His image. 

...Such Were Some Of You

"So you were delivered from homosexuality?" "How did God set you free?" "Are you really, really free?" These are common questions Ty gets asked...often. In this session, Ty addresses what it means to be "set free" and "delivered". Also addressed are the extremely controversial issues of ex-gay therapy and conversion/reparative therapy. This session is great for pastors and pastoral counselors who want to disciple and counsel those struggling with their sexuality and sexual identity. Ty brings the issues of psychology and theology, Christianity and counseling together in order to equip caregivers as they seek to make a difference in the lives that struggle

Idols & The Battle For Our Worship

Idols are something that only archaic, primitive cultures bowed down to...right? In Western Culture we often think we are "beyond that" - and yet all around us are people worshipping their idols, food, sex, money, power... Idolatry is not a problem in eastern religions; it's a human problem - one that is deeply ingrained in the hearts of all who are fallen. In this session, Ty discusses how idolatry steals our passion from God, and how we can be the "on fire" Christians we really were made to be. Ty also talks about how his issue with homosexuality was not really a sex issue, but rather a worship issue. "I wasn't looking for a spouse, I was looking for God!". This is a great teaching on how you can live with passion for God, not by trying harder, but by falling in love with something (SomeONE) greater.